Thursday, March 1, 2012

Artsy Card

Artsy Card we did a few months ago at our Stamp Class.  I usually like quick and easy and clean cards--mostly because I am always running pathetically behind.  But I get so much pleasure from watercolors and fun folds.   Our watercolor crayons let even 1st grade art class drop-outs like me make beautiful, shaded color, and the detailed artwork of our stamps are otstanding on their own.  Come to a class or hold your own workshop to learn techniques like this.  
Au rythme de la nature - Clear-Mount Stamp Set - by Stampin' Up!
Au Rythme De La Nature - Clear-Mount Stamp124832

Whether it’s a flower in bloom or grapes growing on the vine, we learn from Mother Nature that many great things in life are worth waiting for. Remind yourself to slow down and enjoy life with the calming images of the Au Rythme de la Nature set.

Check out the set here.  Order online 24/7

See how to make this flip card here.


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