Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sweet Idea for Christmas and Halloween Gifts

Holidays Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps
Guess what the orange silicone stamp already on the wooden handle is.... Yep!  It is a cute Jack-o-lantern face!  Pair the cookies up with the Season of Sweets Designer kit--8.95  ITEM: 126912 with the food safe cellophane bags and you are on your way to affordable yummy seasonal gifts for  your favorite people. 
Season of Sweets Designer Printed Kit

 I love the shortbread recipe that comes with the cookies stamps and so will the people you give them to.  I will be showcasing these Items at my stamp class at the Library on October 20th at 2:30.  

The class is free with an order from the catalog of $19.95--that is 19.95 worth of great product you get to keep or use as a gift or whatever, and a free class to show you how to use it.  I will also be offering this projects with any home paper parties that I teach this season.   Let me know if you are interested by contacting me by email at or texting or calling  208-359-9976.  


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