Friday, August 30, 2013

Paper Share

If you would like to get a 6 by 6 paper swath of all the 10.95 designer paper (that would be 66 pieces)  I will cut it and send it to you for 15.91 plus 5.90 bubble wrap priority shipping.  IF you are local, just pick it up free!
Also, if you would like 2 feet of each of the 12 colors of chevron ribbon, I will cut it and send it to you for $20.80.  If you need it shipped it is $5.90 for  bubble wrap priority shipping.  
Ribbon and Trim
Order in Multiples if you want--it is pretty stuff!
 I accept pay pal and checks, and I believe you can use your credit card to pay with pay pal.  Email me at

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