Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cute Gift Ideas using Stampin' Up! Products

This is a repost from the Stampin' Up! blog of some really simple ways to say thanks to those around you. You are amazing Donna G.  Go to stampinup.com to see more wonderful posts and ideas!  Visit beckygodfrey.stampinup.net to order lots of fun stuff.

 Apr 4
Sharing What I Love While on a Cruise


I just got back from a warm, sunny cruise to the Western Caribbean.  About a month before I left, I had the idea to create little treat gifts to take with me so I could give them to the wait staff and cabin steward each night of our cruise. I thought:  “I have several weeks before we leave—I’ll have plenty of time to gather ideas and make these little gifts.” Well, two days before we were supposed to leave I still hadn’t made anything. I really wanted to do this, however, so I decided that whatever I was going to take with me had to be quick and easy to make.

Here’s what I came up with. . . .

I stamped and prepped everything before I left but didn’t assemble any of the gifts until I got on the ship. That way I could pack them “flat,” which prevented them from being crushed while traveling. During the cruise it took me less than five minutes to load the bags up with treats and finish assembling the gifts each night. It worked out perfectly!

On the last night of the cruise I wanted to give them something special, so I also made these before I left. . . .

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